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The personalized formulas of flower remedies are known to give excellent results in adults as well as children. They have been very useful to a large number of people for a wide range of problems.

Behaviour disorder corrected:
Mr. Shastri : " I had obsessive compulsive behaviour disorder since almost 10 years. I was continuing psychiatric medicines. The dose of medicines was increasing gradually. After taking flower remedy, I feel confident. Now, I am much more balanced. It has helped me to become more rational in my behaviour, rather than emotional or compulsive.

Depression and postponing attitude corrected:
Mr Ansari, Businessman, 45 years: " I had lost all my money in business. Since then, I was postponing everything. I was not progressing. After taking your personalized formula for 2 months, I was much better. I continued it for almost 2 years, and now, the depression has gone. I have taken charge of my life and attend to my work promptly.

Depression and headache disappear:
Mitali Gujarati : "I had a big fight with my cousin sister about 10 months ago. Since then, I developed headache. I was very depressed and would just sit silently at home. I was much better after taking the first bottle itself. After seeing the progress, I was given different combinations twice later. After taking the third bottle, I was completely alright. My depression and headache disappeared and I could easily forgive my cousin. I am now a great fan of flower remedies and I recommend it to everyone."

Regain confidence:
Jiten Varma, Student of Chartered Accountancy : " I was depressed when I failed my exams. I was also feeling cheated by my previous employer-company. Within 15 days of taking the personal combination, I regained my confidence. I started planning my career and future. Thanks to the Pushpark flower remedies."

Anxiety and insecurity gone :
Jaideep Patel, Estate Developer, 36 years : " I was very anxious. I was thinking that something bad will happen to me. I visited a palmist who told me that I am likely to get heart problem in the future. I did not sleep at all that night !! I took the personal combination and within 7 days, I forgot all about the problem. I am now completely free from all anxiety and insecurity."

Executive burnout cured :
Rajan Nair, Software Engineer: " I had worked for more than 12 hours daily for almost 5 weeks. I was totally exhausted and desperate. I started your combination and I was feeling refreshed within just 4 days. However, I completed the bottle. Now even my wife knows what to do when I am overworked."

Suicidal tendency (due to extreme pain) removed :
Mrs Sharada Devi, 36 years, Housewife : "I was suffering extreme agony due to painful knees. I was depressed and wanted to die. My Yoga teacher recommended your name for flower remedies. After taking 4 bottles of personal combinations, I am very cheerful. I am free from most of the body pains. I got a new life."

Flower Remedies gives excellent results in children also

Day dreaming reduced and concentration increased dramatically
Nikhil Joshi was a 10 years old boy. His mother brought him with the complaint "He daydreams a lot, he lacks concentration and he has just managed to pass his exams with 40% marks." He needed to be more daring and less fearful too.
He was given flower remedies. His mother reported that it helped him tremendously - she found 70% difference in him in just 25 days after the remedies were started. His daydreaming reduced drastically, he was able to concentrate on his studies. His grades too improved and he got 55% in the 2nd term and 65% in the finals.

Hyperactive angry child improves
Nikita Deshpande was a 5 years old girl. She was very hyperactive. Whenever angry, she would scream and shout, throw tantrums and bang her head on the wall. At school, her teacher said that she would not concentrate and keep looking out of the window. Her parents did not have a happy marriage. Her mother admitted that Nikita would witness fights and arguments between the parents.Nikita was given Flower remedies and her condition improved fast. She also became a quieter child.

Failure in School passes easily
Samir Shetty was a 12-year boy. He had repeated in the 6th standard and did not concentrate on studies at all. His parents said that he was just not interested in studies and only wanted to play the whole evening. He was very intelligent on the IQ test. During the interview, Samir admitted that he felt he lacked concentration and did not absorb anything although he would be sitting in front of books for hours.

He was given ower Remedies and his concentration improved a lot. He was also motivated to study of his own accord. He did very well in his final exams.

Bed wetting problem stops
Preeti Poojari was an 8-year-old girl. Her main complaint was bed wetting. She was very afraid of the dark. She was very shy and lonely. She had no friends.
She would not talk at all. But she would keep on smiling all the time. Her mother was a very strict person and would sometimes hit Preeti out of sheer anger and frustration. Her brother who was a couple of years older to her and was also very shy and would cry easily.
Her mother was given counselling and Preeti was given flower remedies. Her bed-wetting problem stopped. Gradually she opened up and would speak more to friends.

Examination Blank-out cured
Sheetal Khosla was a bright 15 years girl. She was a topper till the 9th std. Suddenly in the 10th std., she would blank out during the exams. She could not recall anything of what she had studied. She failed in a couple of subjects. She also complained that she was getting bored of studies and that she would sleep a lot.
She took flower therapy and in the subsequent exams (which were their 2nd terminals), she did not blank out at all and scored very well. She continued the Bach Flower Therapy for the next 4 months and did very well in the final exams also.

Attention - seeking behaviour and stammering corrected
Amar Singh, a 4-year kid had stammering. His handwriting was very untidy. He was very distractive in class. When the teacher would be talking to the class, he would be busy holding conversation with several children and would distract the teacher. Hence the teacher was very upset and reported the matter to the parents. The teacher warned that if they did not help in changing Amar's behaviour, she would have him removed from school. The child was referred to a speech therapist and he improved in his speech, but his behavior in school did not improve. So his mother brought him to me for Flower Therapy.
He and his mother were both given flower therapy. He improved tremendously, his attention-seeking behavior stopped and he did not distract his teachers in class any more.

Slow-learner becomes normal in studies
Saili Naik, aged 14 years was very slow in studies. She could not remember spellings. She used to make the same spelling mistakes again despite practising the particular spelling atleast 30- 40 times. She had to be reminded to study, otherwise she would spend all her time in daydreaming. Handwriting was very poor and she frequently cancelled words written in her exercise book, making her work very untidy.
She was given flower therapy Gradually, over a period of 4-6 months; she started studying without her mother having to remind her . She became less dreamy and more alert ; her spellings improved vastly.

Child starts answering Rohan Kumar, 5 years of age, would not answer a single question, which his teacher would ask him in class. At the end of the first term, the class teacher called Rohan's mother and told her that if he did not answer her in class, she would fail him in his exams.
I spoke to Rohan and his mother and found out that the child was quite talkative and playful at home. He was terrified of his teacher after one incidence, which took place in his school. Once, apparently, Rohan was very naughty in class and the teacher shouted at him. The teacher was very strict and Rohan took a dislike and fear for his teacher. Hence, he refused to answer even a single question asked by her.
Rohan was put on Flower Therapy and improved greatly within a month. He started answering in class and he cleared his examination as well.

White patches disappear
Tanvi Kulkarni, age 6 years, had white patches on the right upper eyelid. Her parents were worried. She was put on allopathic medicines for 4 months. The patch became less for some time. When the allopathic treatment was stopped, within 1 month, the white patch appeared in a bigger area than before! The parents panicked and started ayurveda. She was on Ayurvedic treatment for a couple of months. There was no improvement as such. The worried parents brought her to me.
I gave her suitable Flower Therapy. She improved steadily and the white patches became faint and disappeared after 6-8 months of treatment. They also informed me that incidentally her irritability and crankiness too had improved by 80%. The parents were really overjoyed with this improvement in their daughter.

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