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1) What is Pushparka?

The word 'Pushpa' means flower. 'Arka' means essence. So Pushparka literally means Essence of flowers. Pushparka is dedicated to Lord Moolikeshwar, the God of herbs and healing.

2) WHAT are flower remedies?

FLOWER REMEDIES are healing concentrates of flowers in a liquid form.

They are absolutely natural and have no side effects.

They are subtle in their action.

They help to balance mental and emotional disharmony and ultimately heal the body too.

They help to relieve stress, anxiety, tension, lack of confidence, depression, restlessness, panic, grief and shock- like symptoms by removing the root causes.

3) HOW are they used?

The Pushparka flower remedies are available in the form of liquid drops. Each bottle contains 15 ml.

There are a few ready-to-use combinations, which can be used as per the indications.

You can ask for your own Personal formula, which will be personally more effective.

4) What is the dosage of the flower remedies?

Normally, the dose for adults is 4 drops to be taken on the tongue 4 times a day.
For children up to 12 years age, 2-3 drops are sufficient.
Note: Doses can be taken more frequently if required. Dosage may vary from case to case as specified.

5)What is the usual duration of the therapy?

In most of the cases, the individuals can observe the effects or benefits of the remedy within 20 days of commencement. Acute cases may take one or two months to improve. Chronic cases will take much longer, depending on the chronicity of the problem.

The remedies are natural and not habit-forming.

They can be stopped any time when the desired effect is achieved.

6)How long will each 15 ml. Bottle last?

Usually, one 15ml. Bottle will last for approximately 1 month (4 weeks) if 4 drops are taken 4 times a day.

7) WHO can benefit from the flower remedies?

They can help everyone who has a problem at the level of mind or emotions.

They help a person to deal with the situations of life in a positive manner.

They harmonize mind and emotions. They also help in making corresponding positive changes in the body, actions and behavior of the individual.

8) What is HELP RESCUE?

Help Rescue is a special ready-to-use combination of flower remedies.

It should be always kept handy at home and during travel.

It is useful to cope up with anxiety, fear, stress and tension. It helps one to relax.

It is also a great support useful during any emergencies.

9) How are CHILDREN benefited?

Usually, the parents or the guardians assist the younger children to detect the problem.

Flower remedies support children to concentrate on their studies and improves memory. It also helps overcome hyperactivity, lack of confidence, exam blank-out, day-dreaming, thumb-sucking and bed-wetting like symptoms. Advice provided with remedies help for optimum results.
Many times while helping children, it is beneficial to counsel and provide these essences to the parents for the maximum benefits.

10) Are they cost-effective?

Yes. They are highly cost-effective and affordable.

11) Why is consultation or counseling necessary?

These essences are Holistic in nature.

They work on the cause of the stress rather than just the symptoms.

This requires a lot of insight from the person accessing help.

Consultation and counseling advice helps the person to know what changes in attitude are necessary to bring about harmony and balance in their life.

The counselor can give tips on how one can lead a positive and meaningful life. This can add a totally new dimension to their existence.

12) Can other treatments continue while taking flower essences?
Yes, these remedies are complimentary. Other treatments can be continued as per the physician's advice.

13) How are the flower remedies classified by known agencies?
They are classified under Alternative therapies. Even in the U.K., which follows stringent norms, they are categorized as 'food supplements'. They are easily available in Health-food shops. Other countries have also given a similar recognition.

14) Are there any side-effects of the flower remedies?

No, there are no known side-effects of the flower remedies. The remedies are natural and not habit-forming. They can be stopped any time when the desired effects are achieved.

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