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Free Stress Analysis

You can know for yourself what kind of a personality you have. The number of points you earn indicates whether you need the flower remedies or not.

INSTRUCTION: You can choose only one option to a particular response. Click either on YES or NO.

Do you experience any of the following things? If you experience some of these frequently, then answer YES. If you do not experience them, or experience them rarely, then answer NO.

Minimum marks possible: 40 – means your stress level is minimum. You are coping up very well with life and its ups and downs. You can try some of the ready combinations to help you to continue to keep fit.

41 to 50 points: You have high stress and this can be serious.
It is very important for you to order your personal combination and some ready combinations as per requirements.

51 and above: RED ALERT!! You are under very high stress. Immediately order rescue and your personal combination. In addition, you must take professional help. )

1) Do you suffer from inner anxiety and confusions, which you do not want others to know about?

2) Are you anxious and apprehensive about your future?

3) Are you very critical of others and cannot tolerate them anymore?

4) Do you feel weak-willed, passive or have difficulty in saying 'no' to others?

5) Do you doubt your own judgment and often need to seek advice of others?

6) Do you get very angry or emotionally upset often?

7) Do you continuously repeat the same mistakes?

8) Are you very possessive and like others to confirm to your standards?

9) Are you inattentive, absent-minded or indifferent to the present moment?

11) Do you feel unclean or ashamed of yourself or your ailments?

12) Are you normally very capable, but you suddenly feel inadequate and incapable

13) Do you feel dejected and get discouraged very easily?

14) Do you feel obsessed with your troubles and experiences?

15) Do you feel jealous, envious, revengeful and suspicious?

16) Do you often feel homesick and miss people?

17) Do you keep postponing work or decisions?

18) Do you feel impatient and irritable?

19) Do you feel inferior, and lack confidence although you have good abilities?

20) Are you shy and timid? Do you have fear of known things?

21) Do you experience deep gloom, which comes suddenly and goes away suddenly?

22) Do you struggle bravely against all odds and circumstances?

23) Do you feel very exhausted, drained out - physically and mentally?

24) Do you have deep feelings of guilt?

25) Do you take extreme care and worry for others, especially those who are very close and dear to you?

26) Do you feel extreme fear and panic?

27) Are you rigid-minded and self-denying?

28) Do you suffer from fluctuating moods?

29) Have you had a severe shock or trauma in your life,?

30) Do you feel that you have reached the limits of your endurance?

31) Are you over-enthusiastic and effortful to the point of straining?

32) Are you highly ambitious? Are you a good leader?

33) Are you easily influenced by your surroundings?

34) Are you a very reserved of a person?

35) Are you preoccupied with some thoughts, worry or incident?

36) Are you unable to determine what you want in your life?

37) Do others feel that you lack ambition and make little effort to improve your life?

38) Do you have a lot of resentment and bitterness?

39) Do you want to reduce acute anxiety and stress?

40) Do you want to deal effectively with any kind of emergency situations?

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