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1) HELP ACIDITY (15 ml. Bottle)
•  A support for reducing acidity and indigestion. All associated symptoms like burning, headache etc. also gradually decrease after consistent use. Results depend upon the duration and cause of the condition.

2) HELP ALLERGY & POLLUTION (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Supports to detoxify the system from the effects of pollution. Helps to cope up with allergies.

3) HELP ANGER (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Great support for overcoming anger and excitement. Use it as a preventive also. It helps to control temper-tantrums and resultant violence.

4) HELP ANXIETY (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Helps to take care of a state of mind prone to anxiety. •  Normally, all such thoughts look trivial or insignificant. •  However, during a bout of anxiety, the person goes on worrying and is unable to stop worrying. This triggers or starts off a negative vicious cycle. This formulation helps one to bring calmness and peace within. It helps the person to deal effectively with stress and anxiety of day to day to life. It helps in breaking the negative cycle.

5) HELP CONCENTRATION (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Great help for concentration and to be focused in the present.
•  It will help students to focus on their studies without getting distracted from it.
•  It will help Professionals and achievers to remain focused on their chosen goals and activities.
•  It is observed that the variety of options available in entertainment, communication and information could become a source of distraction. This combination will help the person to concentrate on the work or activity, which they want to pursue.

6) HELP CONFIDENCE (15 ml. Bottle)
A combination to boost the confidence. It helps to overcome shyness. It assists the person to give their optimum performance. It is good to take it before a stage performance or before talking in front of an audience or strangers.

7) HELP DEPRESSION (15 ml. Bottle)
•  This formulation helps to overcome acute and chronic depression.
•  It helps to remove the fears and phobias. A nagging depression can deplete the inner sense of well being of a person, resulting in a wide range of other symptoms. The person can feel very fearful. The person could feel lonely or incapable of doing simple tasks. They may lose confidence. The person might become full of guilt, or may be unable to adjust to new situations in life. The effects of depression could be much more as a result of disharmony in the mind.

8) HELP FEAR (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Helpful for overcoming LONG-TERM fears like fear of travel, insects, particular persons, situations etc.

9) HELP INTIMACY (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Great support to overcome shyness, hesitation and fear of failure.
•  Helps to charge your intimate life with a new dimension.
•  Helps to give confidence to both the partners.
•  Kindles the flame of love and removes inhibitions during intimacy.

10) HELP MENOPAUSE (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Helps to cope up with anger, irritability, sensitivity on small issues, depression, lack of self-worth, inability to accept present realities, etc. These are all reduced to a great extent.
•  Helps to balance the mental and emotional swings associated with menopause in women. Reduces hot flushes.

11) HELP NERVOUSNESS (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Great for nervous temperaments! It could be nervousness with a known or unknown cause, shyness as well for panic attacks.
•  This is useful for short-term fears.
•  Use it for situations like appearing for exams, giving an interview, reporting to the boss, going to the doctor or dentist, giving a presentation, talking in front of a large audience, etc.
•  Average students who are well prepared for the exams, yet experiencing nervousness as they approach closer, can also use it.

12) HELP RESCUE (15 ml. Bottle)
•  A great healer, a must for all homes.
•  Can be applied locally on uninjured surfaces of the skin. Avoid using on open wounds.
•  A must-carry for travelers, trekkers, hikers and adventurers.

13) REVITALISER (15 ml. Bottle)
•  It is a great energizer and rejuvenator for the mind and body.
•  It helps to develop positive outlook and to develop a new perspective towards life.
•  It is an ideal support for busy individuals to relax and to remove the harmful effects of over-work.
•  This combination is also helpful for removing the negative effects of past incidences.

14) STAMMERING (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Helps to reduce and overcome speech problems like hesitation and stammering.
•  It reduces the inferiority complex which usually develops due to this problem
•  It is best to take care of this problem from young age. Response is better and quicker.

15) STUDY-PLUS (15 ml. Bottle)
•  Helps one to maximize learning and enhance concentration ability.
•  Helps to reduce the fatigue of studying. •  It enhances one's consciousness of the present.
•  It improves the awareness of the reality and helps one to study and remember well.

16) WEANING, THUMB-SUCKING (15 ml. Bottle)
Weaning is a major change for infants and growing children. This remedy helps the child to smoothly adopt this change. It is also helpful in reducing the habit of thumb-sucking.
•  Helps children to adjust to the process of weaning from the mother or from the bottle.
•  Reduces anxiety, fear and insecurity of the child.
•  Assists the child to easily accept the new diet.
•  Prevents and reduces thumb-sucking.