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Philosophy of Flower Remedy

Philosophy of Flower Remedy

Alternative Systems of healing - Remedies for the future:

The world over, there is a rising demand for herbal and natural medicines. The new-age revolution has come here for good. The science of allopathic medicine had made great progress in the last century. Antibiotics were a boon and gift to mankind for fighting bacterial infections. A whole range of drugs and surgical procedures is available for patients. There is a wide range to suit the pocket. However, the greatest limitation of allopathic remedies is the fact that many of them have undesirable side effects, especially upon prolonged use. Another point is that allopathy, as a system of medicine, focuses on the effects (and not on the cause) of the disease.

The beauty of the flower remedies is that they work on the subtle cause of the disease. That is why they are Holistic in nature. They take into consideration the person as a whole, which includes the personality, the physiology, thought-patterns, actions and reactions to people and situations. This is the WHOLISTIC approach behind the remedies. Even the word holistic has been derived from the word 'whole', which means complete. The flower remedies help the person to become whole, complete, united with one's own true nature. They help the person to achieve the inner balance.

In general, the Alternative (also called holistic, complimentary or new-age medicine) systems of healing are here to stay. Whether it is Herbal, Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic, Music, Unani, Kinesiology, aroma or gem therapy. The future is bright. Science and experience will prove which of them are the best and most suitable for mankind from time to time.

Philosophy behind the flower remedies:

As such, everything created by God or Nature is perfect and complete. In the same way, men women and children are complete and perfect as they are. Every personality has some desirable and some undesirable tendencies or qualities. When the unwanted or negative qualities (like anxiety, fear, irritability, despair, loneliness, insecurity etc.) in a person increase, there is an imbalance. This imbalance leads to a state of disease. Disease is literally dis-ease. The person feels 'not at ease' or not completely himself or herself.

When the correct remedy or combination of remedies is given to the person, it replaces the negative energy with a positive energy. Thus, it helps in achieving a balance. The person then begins to operate from the real inner nature. A balance is achieved between thought, speech and actions. This balance helps the physiology of the person to recover from the disease. The immune system also responds positively. Mental harmony and physical Health are thus regained.

(Note: In the context of the Indian Philosophy, the triad of thought, speech and actions is known as Manasaa, Vaacha and Kaaya.)

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