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Philosophy of Flower Remedy
'Pushpa' means flower. 'Arka' means essence.

So Pushparka means Essence of flowers.
Flower remedies are well-known alternative system of healing. They are very popular in Europe, America, Australia and many other countries. Now, we are offering this wonder-therapy for users in India also.

Flower remedies are the healing qualities of flowers. They are usually liquid.
They are well known in bringing about harmony and balance of body, mind and emotions.

Flower remedies help to relieve stress, tensions, lack of confidence, depression, restlessness, agitation, panic attacks, grief, shock and similar negative states of the mind. They support positivity and bring an optimistic outlook towards our life. They also tend to boost good communication with people around us.

These remedies work by removing the negative traits and patterns in the mind that results in the negative thoughts, commonly affecting us in our day-to-day life. As we know, negative traits in the mind are the root causes of all psychosomatic diseases.
CHILDREN having following problems have been successfully helped: Thumb-sucking, Nail-biting, Bed-wetting, abnormal speech and aggressive behavior. Children with Exam-fear, Stress due to past failure or anxiety due to peer-pressure can also be helped. It helps hyperactive children to be calm and focused and helps to improve their power of concentration.

HOW do Flower remedies work?

The flower remedy acts on the root CAUSE of the problem.

They work by replacing the negativity with a positive state of mind. The body also responds accordingly and it tends to return to its original healthy state.

They are very subtle in action and work best at the level of mind and emotions.

Dr Edward Bach, the father of flower remedies, believed that any ailment starts with a continued negative state of mind. This principle is similar to the principles mentioned in Yoga and Ayurveda.

Flower remedies help a person in consciously replacing the negative state of mind and emotion with a positive and realistic approach.

This positive change at root level eventually reflects in thought, speech, action and reaction. With this change, the body gets a chance to regain its original state of positivism and dynamism. Thus, it restores the harmony within.

In comparison, many other therapies tend to focus on reducing or removing the effects of the disease. This is a superficial approach. Whereas, flower remedies offers a wholistic approach.

Flower Remedies are the gift of Mother Nature.
They support us to keep our Life in harmony with our true Nature.

Heal your mind and body with PUSHPARKA FLOWER REMEDIES.

HIGHLIGHTS of this Alternative system of Healing are:
  • 100% original and natural.
  • No side effects.
  • Simple and easy treatment.
  • Safe for babies, children, teenagers, adults as well as pregnant women.
  • Complementary and supportive to other therapies like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy Herbal remedy and others. There is no cross-reaction.
  • Time-tested by thousands of people, irrespective of faith or belief. However, it has been observed that positive thought patterns and visualization help the person to receive better results. They work, irrespective of visualization also.
  • They are NOT herbal extracts, essential oils or perfumes. They do not contain any part of the flowers whatsoever. They are at best described as the healing vibrations of flowers absorbed in the form of a liquid.

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